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  • How I learned to live by learning to forgive

    How I learned to live by learning to forgive

    “The right and the wrong,
    The support and the shame,
    The reason and the rage
    The constant battle within is so draining…”

    Mistakes are potent, valuable, infamous little things that shape the course of our life. It is sometimes responsible for some of the most beautiful creations, and sometimes for the most repulsive crimes.

    Mistakes – Don’t we all make them? Big, small, accidental, deliberate, doesn’t matter. Mistakes tell us what went wrong and need fixing.

    I too was hurt by someone I love. His incarceration did not only snatch his freedom away but destroyed mine as well. It was hard to survive in a world devoid of his presence, filled only with shame, guilt, and consequences of an unfortunate incident. For a long time, I held him in an inferno of judgment that burnt only my heart. But that did not put the fire out.

    Forgiveness is not only a tool for their redemption but also a shot to your happiness and normalcy.

    Mind you, I did not forgive him for years. I can’t say I have forgotten it either. But I chose to look beyond his crimes, not for his sake, but for my peace. Because I can only control my happiness and only hope that it reflected on him because of my unconditional love for him.

    You realize there is no walking away, you have to breathe. You have to forgive. As soon as you realize the suffering is not only yours, you begin to gain compassion for the pain and suffering that they are not only living each day, but also for the life they wish they could have changed.

    It’s true that acceptance doesn’t come easy. However, it does bring peace.

    incom mail ( Send Picture to inmate)

    We cannot do much about the mistakes of the past, we can only hope to curb those of the future. That cannot come without your support, your compassion, your belief in those who have stumbled in life.

    To purge out the hate, the guilt and the consequences of the mistake, you need love, forgiveness, and compassion to fill the void. You need to realize that you don’t only write for them, but for yourself. A closure, or the nearest thing to it. You have to believe; believe that perhaps your words can guide them on their path of redemption.

    Your words and letters can convince the criminal in him to leave and the reformed soul to stay. I know mine did, and I believe, yours too can. So, write a letter to your isolated loved one and show your support.



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