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  • InCom Mail: How It All Started

    The walls of the prison hold stories that are so often based in conflict and perspectives of wrongdoing. The feelings of guilt and loneliness often introduce the inmates to a pit of darkness that requires the love and support of their beloved family and friends, both in practical and emotional ways. Hence, it’s important that these family connections aren’t disrupted and fragmented as having a solid network of family and friends to return to after release from prison is the single most important factor in helping them lead a normal and respectable life after getting released from the prison.

    Extending our love and support to them without our physical presence is a dilemma faced by the family and friends of inmates alike all over the world. Perhaps, the more important and useful question that arises is, how can we help make their lives brighter and motivate them to stay strong? The basic essence of compassion allows that to be possible; it allows you to move past prejudice and to see others as human beings like you. The perspective of compassion helps us recognize the whole, complex individual, as well as our shared humanity.

    A simple idea of being connected to his family, lead an inmate in prison to “give birth” to the idea of Inmate Compassion. Jamey Sill’s son desperately counted his days to be reunited with his family. The environment inside the prison reminds him of his loneliness. But, the thought of his family and friends fills his heart with hope.

    The importance of getting mail being compared to getting gold in the prison was what ignited the flame of desire in the family’s heart to make “compassion their passion” and transform her son’s idea into a reality. Jamey joined forces with her mother, Jan Sill, who missed her grandson dearly, to develop an application that could enable easy and efficient communication between inmates and their family members. Her idea, to make the ‘mail call’ exciting, was further welcomed by Jamey’s daughter, Jessica Stewart, as one of the Co-founders of Inmate Compassion. Together, their combined vision to make the lives of inmates better through helping them stay connected with their loved ones brought Inmate Compassion to life.

    Our core belief lies on rescuing inmates from a lack of communication with the people they love and value the most. We sought to create a platform that opens the doors of communication through innovation, technology, and strategy—allowing family, friends, and loved ones an easy, convenient, affordable, and endless opportunity to remain connected with their loved ones.

    As an organization whose primary aim is to fill the lives of the inmates with hope and encouragement, we wish to help them stay connected with their loved ones. This will encourage them to lead a respectable life upon release.

    If you have any stories related to your loved ones who are incarcerated, then share them with us at


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