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  • Make your loved ones a part of your memories

    Make your loved ones a part of your memories

    In this digital age, we are often bombarded with many messages that more often than not overwhelm us. Most of our conversations have also suffered. Many personal connections have been lost since the dawn of the digital age. The power of instant messaging has taken over the thoughtful touch of a personalized message written straight from the heart—the ones that we could hold dear to our heart and cherish it forever.

    We still yearn for that personal connection and indulgence that was once experienced through post-cards and letters. The sense of deliberation that comes while writing a letter reflects the thought and time given to the person being written.

    It just gets better when you can share photos so that your friends and family can remain a part of your memories, no matter how far they are.


    When words fall short, a picture can complete your story


    It is never easy to pen down what your heart truly wants to say and sometimes, you just need a little assistance of the visual kind. Here’s where sending high-quality photos can be a great way to make your loved ones a part of your memories.

    A picture can speak a thousand words and now even more with High Quality Photos. Print and send high-quality pictures that defy time and make moments even more special; let them live on forever. Bring back the bliss of togetherness and let every picture send you downa memory lane.


    Capture moments, share memories for life!


    All you need to do is capture memories on your camera and send them through InCom Mail. You can upload and share pictures from your device or even select pictures directly from any social media platform. We make sure your loved one gets what you want to say and you are able to connect to them, just as you wanted to. You can customize the pictures with text, stickers and borders.


    Send high quality photos in 3 easy steps


    Follow these simple steps to send high quality photos to your loved ones.


    1. Upload a picture


    Choose pictures from your social media or phone gallery and upload them. You can send minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 images in one order.


    2. Add a message & address


    Type out your thoughtful words and enter your delivery address.


    3. It’s printed & posted


    The photos will be printed while maintaining maximum confidentiality and it will be mailed to your loved one in a beautiful photo that they can display on their mantel, wall, or photo album.


    But wait there is more! High-quality photos are just one of the many ways you can stay connected with your loved ones. Using the InCom Mail app, you can customize and personalize any message and have them delivered with all your love safely sealed inside. Our services even reach your loved ones serving in the army, away serving time, away in college, or the grandma back at home.


    So send some love their way with beautiful high-quality photos, letter, greeting cards or postcards.


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