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  • No distance, too far

    No distance, too far

    Distance does make the heart grow fonder, but long-distance relationships often come with their share of baggage, uncertainty, and challenges. Couples embark on longdistance relationships for a variety of reasons like a good job, caring for an ailing parent, or finishing college in far off locations. The key to any long-term relationship is the chance to spend quality time together. Planning dinners and going on vacations, these might be small things, but not getting to do these together might be the first disconnect couples feel. Having so little time to spend together can make things difficult. There is such a small window of time for a couple when they do get a chance. Packing dinner dates, spending time with the family, going to find fun things to do, or seeing all of the friends and family can get overwhelming for anybody and can lead to plans going awry. Harmony and chaos in any relationship is natural but in a long-term relationship, the possibility of it manifesting into something more is far greater. Today, more than 7 Million couples are in long distance relationships and this number is only going to increase in the times to come.


    Communication is key


    While timing tends to be one of the biggest hurdles in long distance relationships, particularly when partners are in different time zones, sticking to a mutually agreed schedule goes a long way in resolving conflicts. Communicate small and big developments in your life, with your partner. In situations when communicating to your partner is not possible, talk to people around you. Call a close friend who you haven’t spoken to. Reconnect with your long-lost cousin, grandmother, sister, brother, or uncle. While there is no sure shot formula of what keeps a long-distance relationship working, the trick is to keep yourself busy and content in your daily life.


    Stay connected through the InCom Mail App


    With the advent of digital technology, apps are helping individuals stay connected with those who matter the most to them. Taking communication a step further is InCom Mail. Available on both Android and Apple devices, this app is an affordable, easy, and efficient way to send postcards, letters, and personal pictures, and more to people you love, from anywhere at any time, throughout the year. The app enables users to write short notes on postcards and greeting cards, or send a long letter. Images can be uploaded directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and sent to one of the people you care about the most. You can also send books and magazines from the app’s store for that special occasion.

    Traverse distances with InCom Mail


    3 Step guide to using InCom Mail


    Step 1 – Write your message


    Type your message in the language of your choice. Choose from a range of formats


    1. Send a Postcard
    2. Send a Personalised Greeting Card
    3. Send a Letter
    4. Send 4×6 photos


    You can also upload images directly from your camera, phone’s gallery, or your social media gallery and send pictures to celebrate moments to remember like your birthday/anniversary, your sister’s engagement, holiday celebrations, or a special occasion that you wish they shared with you. You can write your message on the app, or on the website


    Step 2 – Personalise your message


    Personalise your message with InCom Mail’s image library. Choose from a range of predesigned templates and colourful stickers to jazz up your message. The app also lets you save your messages as drafts so you can always come back and make changes.


    Step 3 – Send your message


    With a secure payment gateway, you can send your messages at a minimal cost. Postcards are priced at $1.99 and greeting cards and letters at $3.99, making the service truly affordable. Payment can be easily made through a debit/credit card, or even Apple Pay. Once the payment is made, the team prints your message on high-quality paper and delivers it to your loved one on your behalf.


    InCom Mail accepts orders 365 days a year so that you never miss out on telling your love.


    So, whether it’s your sister studying in a far-off city, a friend who stays hundreds of miles away, a partner posted in a remote location, or parents back home, showing that you care has been made super easy, all it takes is a click.


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