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  • Personalized Greetings at your doorstep

    Personalized Greetings at your doorstep

    Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a fun and festive event, the most common way to reach out to friends and family with your love and joy is the age-old greeting card. While technological advancements have enabled us all to type that WhatsApp message and send that e-mail, there’s almost nothing as beautiful as a heartfelt letter and holding that greeting card. The custom of sending greeting cards can be traced to ancient Chinese and early Egyptians, who used greeting cards to convey greetings and exchange good wishes during the festive times. Today, however, greeting cards have taken a completely new form. There are thousands of websites to choose from, a range of occasions to select, and color schemes that attract your eye.


    Longing for that physical touch


    Ask anyone, “what’s the one thing that you miss in this well- connected world?” the answer would be, “Lack of time and a physical touch”. In a world where time is a luxury, expressing your emotions for the special people in your life is the best gift you can give them. Whether it’s expressing what the person means to you or the importance of your first date, wishing your friend well as they embark on a new journey or the anniversary of your parents, each occasion holds a special place in your heart. So why not tell them? In this digital era, make the special people in your life feel extra special by telling what they mean to you.


    Say it with love


    If you have ever wanted a service that will allow you to express your emotions and deliver it in a physical form to your friends and family, look no further. InCom Mail helps you say everything in, almost, every way your heart desires. Not just an app, InCom Mail promises to be an extension of you. Choose from a wide range of templates and stickers, insert pictures from your phone or social media gallery, and tell that friend what she means to you. Not sure what to write? InCom Mail also allows you to save a draft and come back to it, later. Available on both Android and iPhone, the app is an answer to your communication hurdles.


    Personalized greeting cards at an affordable cost


    Write your message in the language of your choice and leave the rest to InCom Mail. With a secure payment gateway, you can send your messages at a minimal cost. Personalized and custom greeting cards are priced at $3.99, making the service truly affordable. Payment can be easily made through a debit/credit card, or even Apple Pay. Once the payment is made, your messages are printed on high-quality paper, and delivered to the special people in your life. InCom Mail accepts orders 365 days of the year, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on days that matter to you. Please allow a 7-day mailing grace period of time for delivery.


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