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  • Send heartfelt wishes to your family members during their deployment

    Send heartfelt wishes to your family members during their deployment

    There is not much that is more difficult than sending your loved one on deployment. We salute you, if you and your family have ever been through this. As a parent, sibling, spouse, or fiancée to the service member, it is a matter of pride.


    Living apart is neither easy for the family, nor is it for the deployed military personnel. It becomes even more difficult when you have to live in a place with almost no comfort and technological benefits.


    Now, just imagine what your one letter enclosed with sweet and lovely messages can do in this situation. Yes, it can do miracles! Everybody likes getting letters and when the situation is like this – it is a ray of hope and sunshine. A perfect balance of words and emotions can boost the person with positivity and happiness. It evokes fond memories and makes the person feel closer to their family, even though miles apart.


    Now, you may be thinking that sending a letter to the deployed personnel is impossible. But, it is not. We make it possible with our wonderful InCom Mail application. We offer an easy, affordable, and efficient mode of communication to let the families connect with their members who are deployed. Creating custom greeting cards and picture letters on InCom Mail is fun and simple. So, create them today, and send it to your loved ones.


    Here is how you can create personalized letters and picture cards.


    • Download the app on your phone (iOS & Android) and create your account.
    • Choose a format from our wide variety of beautiful templates. Choose the one, which you think will bring positivity in your loved one’s life.
    • Now, get to texting out your message. Add sweet messages and images to make them feel closer. Just remember the word limit, and write within a limit of 350 for greeting cards/ postcards- 5,000 characters for letters (Including spaces and punctuations). But, if you wish to write more, you can do it by buying an extra space of 1,000 characters for only 0.99 cents.
    • After finishing the writing part, preview your letter and check if anything else is required.
    • Add the address of the person whom you want your letter to be delivered.
    • After the letter has been created, check out and confirm that you are processing the right letter.
    • At the checkout, the server will take you to the payment option, where you can choose from the various payment options available including App.
    • Then, sit back and relax. Your personalized letter will reach to your loved one.


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