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  • Share your love to those deployed with the InCom Mail App

    Share your love to those deployed with the InCom Mail App

    The time before and after sending your family members on deployment is filled with anxiety and confusion. Even the emotional cycle begins from the time when the news of deployment is released to the family. When the departure comes closer, the emotion of not holding them close to home becomes stronger.


    During this period, the family and the deployed member go through a range of emotions. At InCom Mail, we understand these difficulties and, therefore, strive to enable families to keep in touch with the help of digital technology. With exciting postcards, letters, greeting cards on our application, we fill your deployed family member’s day with courage and constant motivation.


    Services provided by us are a perfect blend of emotion, occasion, and personalization. To help you in deciding what you should send to your loved one, have a look.




    Aren’t postcards are an exciting way of telling someone how you feel? Yes, it is! Crafted with warmth and love, postcards are one of the best ways to make your loved ones smile who are miles away from you. It helps you in conveying your emotions and messages in the most personalized way possible. Therefore, download the InCom Mail application today because we bring the simplest process of creating personalized postcards and sending it to your family members.


    Greeting Card:


    Where there is true love, the words are not required to express it, but a love-filled picture is enough to complete your story. So, try creating beautiful picture cards with little notes, doodles, stick figures, and happy scribbles and evoke the happy memories of the times shared together with your deployed friend, family member, or spouse.




    Little can make your deployed family member happier than a letter written straight from your heart. Therefore, to express your feelings truly, we offer an array of attractive templates and help you in writing everything which your heart desires.


    Books and Magazines:


    While living miles away from the family, hope, courage, and strength is what you need the most. We help in this attempt by sending books and magazines to your family member. Why we are saying books? Because opening a book is like opening a new chapter in life. So, some of the books that we bring for the servicemen are as follows: American Made, A Game of Thrones, Change your Brain, Change your life, Dreams, How not to be wrong, etc.


    Now, if you are thinking, how to customize these products for your loved ones, then here is the answer for you.


    • Choose a photo from the template gallery on the app. We have thoughtfully curated plenty of options for different occasions and themes.
    • For high quality pictures, choose from your social media or phone gallery and upload them.
    • Write a personalized message within 350- 5,000 characters and add the delivery address.
    • We will print your postcard, letter, greeting card, and high quality photos by maintaining the highest picture quality and post it to your loved one.


    With our custom created list of products, you can always offer support and strength to the friends and family members. So, quickly download the InCom Mail app and customize postcards or greeting cards and send it to your loved one. Your one little step can make a huge difference in their life!


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