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  • Why it is important to stay in touch?

    Why it is important to stay in touch?

    Relationships, be it with friends or family members, require effort. Any healthy relationship requires an equal balance of communication and effort between two people. However, life can get in the way, more often than we like, and restrict us from communicating constantly with the people in our lives.


    Nonetheless, it is important that we stay in touch with people in our lives and keep them updated no matter how busy we may be. While digital technology has made it easy for us to bridge this gap, it has also made this communication seem far less personal. We are losing our opportunity to use communication technology in ways that are mindful which give presence to our moments of love. This is where InCom Mail comes into the picture and helps you send message to your loved ones in a personalized way.


    At InCom mail we understand the importance of personalized communication. We have created an app where you can keep in touch by sharing postcards, high-quality photographs, greeting cards, books, and much more.


    What makes us unique?


    InCom Mail is easy: You use your phone to make it easy and InCom Mail handles all of the printing and shipping for you!


    We respect your privacy: Messages drafted on our platform or sent through it are not read or shared with any third party.


    We honor your background/individuality: Our library stocks multiple pre-designed templates for all your special occasions, themes, holidays, and more.


    We make it special for you: The app supports uploading of personal pictures from camera, phone and social media galleries. You can change the font, color, background of the messages, and decorate your creation with adorable stickers.


    The foundation of InCom Mail is based on human communication. The following services are the different ways through which we help you stay connected with your loved ones.


    • Postcard


    Tell your loved ones how you feel with a personalized postcard message.


    • Personalized greeting cards


    Add a touch of love and warmth with our personalized greeting cards.


    • Letter


    Share memories of moments spent together, discuss the love that you share, or the express deepest desires of your heart with a letter.


    • High Quality Photo


    Take pictures and share memories of a lifetime.


    • Books and Magazines


    Open the world of new possibilities when you send a book or magazine to your loved ones. While the use of technology gives us many opportunities, it takes away others. It is important that we stay in touch through digital forms of communication like the InCom Mail app.


    What we must remember is that staying in touch doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming; it just needs to be heartfelt. Love is more than an emotion, and to do it well in the age of digital communication takes discipline and commitment.


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