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InCom Mail is an organization with a main goal to reconnect those whom are incarcerated with their loved family and friends. With the help of technology, the InCom Mail app enables them to send messages in form of Picture Cards, Postcards, Picture Letters, and much more. Through the app, the family members and friends can create personalized messages and send them to their loved ones.

The app has three different templates – Picture Cards, Picture Letters, and Postcards – that let you express yourself in any way you like.

Picture card and Postcard templates are a perfect balance of personalized pictures and words (up to 350 characters). While the letter template enables full expression through pictures and words (up to 5,000 characters or more).

Yes. The app allows you to add text and images as per your choice. You can choose images from your photo gallery, Facebook and Instagram gallery to make them as personalized as you would like them to be.

We want your message to be as personalized and heartfelt as possible. At the same time, we want them to be clear and crisp. The word limit for picture-card and postcard is 350 characters including punctuation and spaces, while for a letter, it is 5000 characters. If you want to write a longer letter, you can do so by paying a minimal additional cost.

The various templates have been created keeping in mind special occasions, celebrations, and emotions. To add a theme, choose a relevant template and start editing your message.

Creating and customizing the templates is fun and simple. Visit these links to learn how to create and send your messages in different formats: (Redirect to the website where the blogs on creating the templates are written)

Once you have drafted your message and checked out, you will be directed to the payment options. You can choose your preferred mode of payment from debit card, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. and complete the process.

Once you have checked out, you cannot change your message. Therefore, to avoid any problems, preview your message before checkout. In case you wish to add or delete certain elements, you can use the Edit option in the top-right corner.

Yes, you can upload your own pictures from your phone, Instagram or Facebook gallery. You cannot directly draw on the app. However, you can draw on a paper and then click a picture to upload on the app.

Exceeding the word limit will automatically disable you to send the message. Therefore, make sure you stick to it. We have three varied message formats to help you express yourself in the best way possible. So, choose the ones that suit you best.

In case of any questions or feedback, reach out to the InCom Mail team at

It’s a feature set for each of the message formats. As soon as you choose a format, the Image Library will become visible to you.

You need to add your own address, as well as, the address of the prison you wish to send your message to.

Once ordered, you cannot cancel it. Refunds will only be available through Amazon if the books and magazines are unavailable. The InCom Mail team can further assist with guidance, as needed.

You can either uninstall and reinstall the app. If that does not work, contact us on

Currently, the app supports only English.

While logging in, click on ‘Forgot password’ and try to reset your password. If that does not work, contact us on

If you are getting this message at the sign in, then verify your credentials by clicking on the link received on your registered email address. If that does not work, contact us on

While logging in, click on ‘Forgot password’. Add a new password and retype it in the box below. It will reset and you will be able to login with the new one. If that does not work, contact us on

Yes, you can share your login credentials with your family and friends to be used on one account or on multiple devices. However, the data such as drafts and text will not sync with other devices.

Use the bin icon to delete any drafts you want to.

Once deleted, the drafts cannot be recovered.

Our app will retain your drafts and details until they are deleted by you.

Currently, you can change the style and formatting of the font but not the font size.

We use United States Postal Service (USPS) for all our deliveries.

No, the inmate does not currently have access to our app within institutions, so they cannot send replies through InCom Mail service.

Yes. The letters are sealed within an envelope. The letters are received by various facilities that review content to ensure that the facility policies are not violated. The picture cards have an option to fold. If they are folded, the content within is not seen. However, a postcard is not sealed and can be viewed without needing to be opened.

Yes, if the app is able to be used with the service provider.

This is based on the service provider. The orders are submitted to us, printed in the U.S. and shipped using USPS.

Yes. The orders will be sent at one time and delivered separately (i.e. one letter, one post card, and one picture card).

Double check all entered criteria and submit again. Try using another method of payment. If this does not work, please contact us directly at

The prices are listed for each item within the app and website.