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Who We Are

Communicating and connecting with our loved ones has somehow become unreal in this age of artificial intelligence and instant messaging. The warmth, deliberation and care that went into writing and posting letters have slowly faded away. At InComMail, we understand that you seek real connections. That you too are searching for ways to connect in a genuine way with your loved ones.

To do just that, we have made use of digital, the very tool that took away the warmth of communication. And we used it to make it easier for you to pen down what you feel. You can now easily create heartfelt and thoughtful messages and customize them to make it unique and personal.

With our varied products, you can keep in touch in the most special ways by sharing postcards, high-quality photographs, greeting cards, books and much more. Come, let’s get you connected to your loved one today.

Our Values

The foundation of InCom Mail is based on human communication. We believe that between the LOLs and TTYLs, the care and love with which people used to write to each other has been lost. Leading to the absence of genuine communication that would lighten up their day when they see the physical letter, as an evidence of genuine love, concern and care.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to bring back the touch of genuine communication into people’s lives; to allow people to touch their loved one’s life in ways forgotten - to enable them to keep in touch in a genuine way with the help of digital technology.

Our strategy is to use the very tool that has made communication superficial and instead, use it to truly connect people. We do this by simplifying the process so that the users can write with their soul, customize it and make it unique. Every message they send is truly a creation of their own. We just present it in an affordable package and send it to its intended receiver.

Our mission is to bring more warmth in how people interact with their loved ones over long distances. To enable them to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Our Team

Jan Sill

Jan Sill

Jan Sill was born and raised in the mid-west. As a young girl, she enjoyed sports including swimming, roller-skating, and bowling. Later, she married the love of her life, Walter F. Sill Jr. She and Walter were married for 50 years and laid out a foundation of success for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

She attributes their successes to hardwork and faith in God. In 2017, Walter passed away with her by his side. Now, with him in her heart, she is excited to be the Co-Founder of the InCom Mail, LLC business.

Jamey Sill

Jamey Sill

Jamey Sill was born in Nevada and grew up in Florida and Tennessee. She enjoys family and taking care of others. She has over 30 years of experience in the customer service industry, management, and continues to live her life for and serving Christ. She has an Associate degree and is pursuing "further", higher education in Biblical studies.

Jamey has three phenomenal children and eight beautiful grandchildren. She has found a great passion for family and friends that are currently dealing with the pain of having a loved one incarcerated. Therefore, Jamey joins the InCom Mail team as the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart

Jessica Stewart was born in Georgia and raised in Tennessee. She enjoys family, research, building customer relationships, and helping others within the community through social and economic services. Jessica has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice & Administration Management.

She has been in the customer service industry since 2003. Jessica has been happily married to the love of her life since 2007. Together, they have seven beautiful children and an awesome God-filled life. Jessica joins the InCom Mail leadership team as the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing.